Version rva_19.1230

Topics: Hull, Textures, Mesh

  • Modifications
    • Support up to 65535 polys per object (World Mesh, PRM and NCP).
    • TexAnim:
      • Support up to 1024 slots.
      • 64 textures selectable.
      • UV coords outside (0,1).
  • Fixes
    • Hulls:
      • Support for non-centered hulls exported by prm2hul.
      • qhull files are created in addon path to avoid permission issues.
      • Fixed a missing newline in qhull input file.
      • Properly handle empty qhull output.
    • Fixed links to docs and GitHub issues.


Version rva_19.0816

Topics: Track Zones, Textures, Bugfixes

  • Additions
    • Track zones .taz import and export, added zones commands in UI panel.
    • New textures management commands in UI panel.
    • Export important car parameters to clipboard.
    • Aerial representation using axes.
  • Modifications
    • Changed convention for texture images names in blender, support for 64 (possible up to 702) track textures with backward compatibility.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed NCP face triangulation. Ensure invalid NCP flags are stripped on export.
    • Better color layer compatibility for Blender 2.79 (sub 2) and above.


Version rva_18.0801

Topics: Mirror Planes, Hull, Bugfixes, Tools

  • Additions
    • Mirror Planes: .rim support
    • Hulls: .hul support
      • Import and Export
      • Hulls tool panel with convex hull generation
    • Vertex color layer list in the tools panel
    • Batch Bake section in the Light and Shadow tool panel
    • RVGL Launcher in the Helpers panel. The RVGL path (folder) has to be set in the add-on settings.
    • Setting: Check Parameters for texture
  • Fixes
    • Crash when importing levels with texture animation (reported by Gotolei)
    • Batch bake should not crash anymore
    • Import and export of .fin properties (mainly colors)
    • Set default model rgb to (0.5, 0.5, 0.5)
    • Too many dummy textures when importing prm
    • Catch error when parameters.txt files don't end with a '}' (reported by Shara)
    • NCPs consisting of multiple objects are now exported with correct materials
  • Modifications
    • New documentation, yet again
    • Code restructuring
    • UI restructuring


Version rva_18.0619

Topics: Bugfixes

  • Fixes
    • Support loading files with uppercase letters
    • Throw an error message when exceeding polygon/vertex limits for meshes
    • Activate NCP no-collision flag (reported by Kiwi)
  • Modifications
    • Inverted alpha vertex color layer: Black is translucent, white is opaque. I've done this to resemble the behavior of pure black on textures.


Version rva_18.0430

Topics: Instance (.fin), UI, Bugfixes

  • Additions
    • Instances (.fin): Export (full support)
    • Select by name button in the Instances panel that allows users to select all objects with a similar name
    • Mark as Instance button in the Instances panel that sets the instance properties on all selected objects
    • Batch baking feature for instance RGB in the Instances panel
    • Initial hull support: Import (unfinished)
  • Fixes
    • Textures are now loaded when importing a mesh from the custom folder (reported by Gotolei)
    • Ensure that NCP layers exist when exporting: All Material layers and Type layers are now kept. This fixes missing materials when exporting NCP. (reported by LoScassatore, Gorgonzola)
    • Export of textures with suffixes like .bmp.001 (reported by Boy80)
  • Modifications
    • Moved the instances helper section to a dedicated Instances panel.
    • Objects marked as instance (Is Instance) will no longer be exported when exporting to .w, use .fin instead
    • Fixed all Re-Volt panels to the top (object and scene properties) so they're easier to find. This makes the add-on a lot more intrusive but most people using this add-on use Blender exclusively for Re-Volt.
    • Message boxes for confirming actions in the helpers panel
    • Texture number face property only shows when Use Number for Textures option is enabled
    • Prefer Solid Textured Mode is now disabled by default


Version rva_18.0225

  • Additions
    • NCP: Only export selected option added (check the documentation for details)
  • Fixes
    • Rewrote the parameters.txt parser, should now load all cars
    • The light panel now only shows up if at least one object is selected
  • Misc
    • New system for handling import and export errors


Version rva_18.0219

  • Additions
    • Instance (.fin) import
    • Batch-rename feature (Helpers panel)
    • No collision flag for NCP (face properties)
  • Fixes
    • Prepared the add-on for 2.79a. All features should now work as expected.
    • Various Import/Export fixes
  • Misc.
    • Improved UI
    • Documentation is now generated with Ivy


Version rva_17.1112

  • Fixes
    • Fixed the following crash: Import mesh, clear .blend, import mesh again (reported by Zorbah)
    • Shadowtable not added to the UI (reported by Mladen)
    • Required vertex color layers weren't created on export (Issue #16, reported by progwolff)
  • Additions
    • NCP: Setting for collision grid size (requested by Zorbah). Higher values = faster export (might slow down the game in return)


Version rva_17.1025

  • Fixes (reported by Gotolei)
    • Animation slot count can now be set to 10
    • Frame count for animations reset itself
    • Animation export didn't work in some cases


Version rva_17.1024

  • Additions
    • Texture Animation: Transform animation feature (animates from frame A to frame B), Grid animation feature (for creating animations like the mars animation found in Museum 2). Added a resources link to the documentation which will include texture animation sheets ready to be used with the add-on.
    • Re-Export Button: Press the button next to the Export button to export to the same file again.
  • Fixes
    • The vertex color picker now picks from selected faces or vertices. (Contribution by Boy80)
    • Fixed persisting QUAD flag by removing it from the export mask. (Reported by Boy80)
    • Importing cars with the same texture name resulted in them having the same texture. (Reported by Gotolei)
  • UI
    • Added icons to panels
    • Moved add-on settings to a separate panel
    • The settings, texture animation and the helpers panel are now collapsed by default
    • Fixed the import/export panel to the top
    • Notifications now have an icon
  • Misc.
    • Huge code refactoring and some fixes
    • Restructured the documentation


Version rva_17.1017

  • Additions
    • NCP (collision): Import and export is now supported. The face properties panel has a section for NCP now (face flags and materials).
    • Settings: Prefer Textured Solid mode setting, enabled by default. This makes the add-on use textured solid mode (easier for editing NCP/untextured meshes).
    • Import/Export: Import and export operators now show the matching settings in the bottom left.
    • Vertex Colors: Button for getting the color from the active face (requested by Boy80)
  • Fixes
    • The y coordinates of bounding boxes were swapped.
    • Faces can now be exported with no texture (reported by Boy80).


Version rva_17.1010

  • Added Re-Volt file structure specifications to the documentation
  • Fixes
    • Light Baking Tool: Reverse horizontal X direction (light was shining from the wrong direction)
    • Export .w, export .prm: Apply scale and rotation correctly. Parented objects should now be exported correctly.
  • Debug
    • Rename bound spheres to cubes
    • Import cubes instead of spheres


Version rva_17.1009

  • Export .w
    • Export complete .w files with meshes, boundary boxes/spheres, env colors and texture animation
  • Texture animation panel
    • Added buttons for copying UV from and to selected faces.
  • Settings panel completed
    • Parent .w meshes to Empty now disabled by default to avoid confusion
    • New layout
  • Misc
    • Decreased shadow table accuracy to 4 decimal places


Version rva_17.1007

  • Tool panels
    • Fixed a bug where the tool panels became unusable after CTRL Z.
  • Import .w
    • Bound boxes, bound spheres and big cubes, each of which can be imported on different layers
    • Env colors with GUI implementation
  • Import .prm completed
    • Apply scale and rotation on export by default (no need for manual apply, can be disabled in the options)