Instance Properties

Instance Properties

Is Instance: If enabled, the object will be exported to .fin. If a .prm file with the name of the object doesn't yet exist, it will also be exported to .prm.

Model Color: Additional or subtractive RGB color. Default is (0.5, 0.5, 0.5). Setting this to 1.0 erases the existing vertex color, 0.5 leaves it where it is and anything closer to 0 darkens the instance.

EnvColor: Environment map color and intensity (alpha).

Hide: Hides the instances (only collision).

Don't show in Mirror Mode: The instance won't be shown if the level is played in mirror mode.

Is affected by Light: In-game lights affect the instance.

No Camera Collision: The camera will clip through the instance.

No Object Collision: The instance won't collide with cars and other moving objects.

Priority: If set to anything other than 0, the instance cannot be turned off using the video options.

LoD Bias: Unused