Helpers Panel

3D View

Enables texture mode.

Textured Solid:
Enables solid shading mode and enables the textured solid option. This might be better for working with only half-textured models.


Launch RVGL: Starts RVGL in developer mode. The path has to be configured in the add-on settings.

Texture tools

Copy project textures: Renaming and checking many image files may be monotonous. This command copies all used track textures from their source to chosen destination track folder and renames them properly for you. Note: If you chose destination directory same as actual source for textures all files with matching names will be overwritten.

Rename track textures: All used textures must be named (this is not referring file names) in numerical order in blender's image editor e.g. 0.bmp 1.bmp 2.bmp 3.bmp ... 63.bmp. This name uniquely identifies each texture, any gap in numeration may cause an issues. Command will assign new name (ID) to each texture. Note: this may override existing (manual) numeration.