Custom Cups

This feature has been introduced in version 20.1230a.

You can add new championship cups to the game, just like additional cars and tracks. Each cup is defined in a text file (like cupfile.txt) placed in the cups folder. The available cups are listed at the Championship selection screen.

The following cupfile names are reserved:

  • bronze
  • silver
  • gold
  • platinum

Sample Cup File

Name        "I/O Super Pro Cup"
Difficulty  4
Obtain      0

NumCars     10  ; Number of cars [4 - 16]
NumTries    5   ; Number of retry attempts
QualifyPos  3   ; The minimum finish position to qualify per race
UnlockPos   1   ; The minimum overall podium position to unlock the next cup

Classes     0,0,0,0,0,9       ; Number of CPU cars picked from each rating
Points      10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1,0,0  ; Points obtained for each position

; Stages [0 - 15]: level laps mirrored reversed

STAGE 0     roof1 2 false false
STAGE 1     schoolslite 2 false false
STAGE 2     cliffside 1 false false
STAGE 3     fair1 5 false false
STAGE 4     wildland 3 true false
STAGE 5     ranch 2 false true
STAGE 6     fair2 3 false true
STAGE 7     schools 5 false true

Cup File Properties

NameName of the cup as displayed in-game.
DifficultyDifficulty level of the cup (see Difficulty). This affects the difficulty level of the CPU cars.
ObtainUnlock method of the cup (see Obtain).
NumCarsNumber of cars. Accepted values are 4-16, default being 8.
NumTriesNumber of retry attempts, default being 3.
QualifyPosThe minimum finish position to qualify per race (1-16), default being 3.
UnlockPosThe minimum overall podium position to unlock the next cup (1-3), default being 1. This setting only works on stock cups and is ignored in custom ones.
ClassesNumber of CPU cars picked from each rating. The values must be comma-separated and add up to one less than the number of cars.
PointsPoints obtained for each position, list of comma-separated values.
STAGEDefines one or more stages of the cup. There can be up to 16 stages in a cup. The STAGE keyword is followed by the stage number (0-15), folder name of the track, mirrored and reversed specifiers (true/false).