Joining Events

Events tab

Event List

The Events tab lists current and upcoming online events. Events are sourced from Re-Volt I/O and other third-party repositories. You can see the list of available repositories and add more from the Repositories tab.

The date and time of each event is displayed in UTC. Use if you want to convert it to your local time zone. The launcher also displays a status message in human readable format based on your local time zone.

Double click an event to open the event's page in your default browser.

Event States

Events can be in one of these states:

  • Upcoming: The event hasn't started yet.
  • In Progress: The event is currently being played.
  • Ended: The event has ended.

The launcher has no way as of yet to query the actual state of an event. Event states are guessed based on the listed date and time. An event is counted as In Progress up to 2 hours after the listed time.

Use Update Event Info to refresh the event information. It's automatically refreshed once every 15 minutes.

Package Selection

Each event has its own preset based on packages required by the event. You can customize this preset further and enable any optional packs, such as music or skins. Select an event and use the Select Packs button to edit the event's preset.

Event Lobbies

An event has one or more lobbies. Select an event and then join one of the available lobbies by clicking the Join button. This will launch RVGL with the appropriate preset and connect directly to the event's lobby.

You can attempt to join an event at any time. If the event is not active at the time of joining, the connection will time out.