Install tab

Install Type

You can decide how you want to install the game, pick the install location or even use an existing game install with the launcher. There are two available install types:

  • Standard: Select this for a clean, new install and let the launcher manage your game data and packages. Game data is placed in the default location in your user directory.

  • Custom: Select this to pick your own install location. This can be either an empty folder (for a new install) or your existing game folder. When pointing to an existing install, your data and save files are automatically carried over to the launcher.

Game Presets

The launcher offers you a couple of presets, or recipes, during the installation. Each preset is a different collection of packages.

  • Original: Includes original assets and original soundtrack. Select this if you want to have the stock game with no mods. You can always add more content packs later.

  • Online: Includes I/O content packs and a community made alternative soundtrack. Select this if you want to play online and join sessions hosted by the I/O community.

  • Basic: Includes original assets and no soundtrack. Only select this if you're low on bandwidth or you plan on adding your own music packs.

  • Custom: Choose your own packs. This takes you to the Packs tab where you can select the packs that make up your game installation.

The installation process can take some time, especially if you selected the Online preset. So, go get some coffee!

For a new install, be sure to enable at least the game_files and rvgl_assets packs. Without these, the game might not function. For an existing install, enable the default pack to use content present in the root game folder.

Once the game is installed, you can easily create your own presets and switch between them. See the Packages page for more information.

Desktop Shortcut

Before installing, you have the option to create a Desktop Shortcut (on Windows) or an App Menu Shortcut (on GNU/Linux).

Updating Your Game

The Information dashboard shows you the number of packages that have updates available. Press the View button to review packages and install updates.

You also have the option to update RVGL alone. To do this, use the Update button next to the RVGL update notification.

Repairing Your Game

In case something went wrong — say, the power went out during installation — and data was left partially installed or corrupted, you have a couple of options under File menu.

  • Repair: Cleans and reinstalls all packages. Cached download files are used when available to save you bandwidth.

  • Clean: Lets you delete unused package files and cached download files to reclaim disk space. Use this if you suspect any of the downloaded packages are corrupt and need to manually trigger a re-download (should almost never happen).

  • Uninstall: Wipes out all game data. Have a fresh start. Cached download files are preserved and will be used in case of a reinstall.