Packs tab

Adding Packages

RVGL Launcher utilizes a unique package management system to install and manage your game data. Content is stored in the form of packs, in separate folders that can be enabled or disabled on their own. The system should feel familiar to users of software like Mod Organizer.

The Packs tab lists all available packages. Packages are sourced from Re-Volt I/O and other third-party repositories. You can see the list of available repositories and add more from the Repositories tab.

The initial setup installs and enables those packs defined by the chosen preset, or the packs you selected in case of the Custom preset.

Additional packs can be enabled simply by enabling the checkboxes in the Packs tab. If any of the enabled packages are not installed yet, they'll be marked for install. You can install them with the Install Packages button.

Double click an installed pack to open the pack's folder.

Package States

Packages can be in one of these states:

  • Installed: The package is installed and up-to-date.
  • Update Available: The package has a new version available.
  • Pending Install: The package is enabled but not installed yet.
  • Not Installed: The package is not installed.

Use Update Pack Info to refresh the package information. It's automatically refreshed once every 15 minutes.

Managing Presets

By default, enabling or disabling packages causes your selection to be saved in the default preset. The New Preset button allows you to create a new preset. This will prompt you to select a base preset and type the preset name.

You can then enable or disable packages as usual and your selection is saved in your new preset. To remove a preset, select the preset and press Delete Preset. Note that you cannot delete the default preset.

Packages disabled by all presets can be safely removed. If they were installed previously, they still remain in the filesystem. To clean them up, use the File -> Clean option.

Local Packages

Local content is content that is not part of a repository. This could be content you downloaded or content created by yourself. You can add your own content packs by following these steps:

  • Use File -> Open Data Folder to open the folder containing game data. Content in the root folder belong to the default pack. Additional packages are installed inside the packs sub-folder.
  • Make a new folder inside packs (say, mycontent) and place your content in there. These folders will be recognized by the launcher as local content packs. They can be enabled or disabled like any other pack.
  • Use Update Pack Info to refresh the packages list. It should now display your newly added pack. Use the checkbox beside the pack to enable or disable it.

Edits made through the in-game editor go into a special pack folder called local. If you're creating your own content, you must place the content in packs/local and make sure it's enabled in your preset.