When the game is successfully installed, the Game tab allows you to choose from available presets, specify launch parameters and — more importantly — launch the game!

Game tab

Preset Selection

Initially, the launcher creates a default preset with the packages you selected during installation. You can edit this preset or add more presets, and they show up in the preset selection list. You can also have a quick look at the packages enabled in the preset.

Launching Game

Once a preset is selected, you can start the game using the Launch RVGL button. The Launcher UI remains minimized during gameplay and restores itself once you close the game.

You won't be able to launch the game during package updates. You should always keep the game closed during the update process.

Launch Parameters

Advanced users can specify launch parameters in the provided text box. Eg., -window 1280 720 -nointro -sload. These parameters are added on top of base parameters required to launch the game. For a full list of supported parameters, see the RVGL docs.