Re-Volt I/O Event Archive - Pole Poz versus Pest Control

Pole Poz versus Pest Control

Date: 13-03-2019 15:00

Host: L!LMexican

Host 2: [no data]

Category: casual

Mode: race

Class: other

Other Class: Pole Poz or Pest Control

Class Link: [no data]

Stream: [no data]

vod: [no data]

Results: [no data]

Required Packs: [no data]

Botanical Garden (R)
Ghost Town 2
Toy World 1 (M)
Toys in the Hood 2
Supermarket 2 (M)
Snowland 1
Spa-volt (R)
Special Stage Route 5
Sewers of the Praree
RV Temple
Venice (R)
Toy World Mayhem (R) (M)

Each team will consist of 8 players or less, depending on the attendence. If an uneven number of players are present, one of them will have to spectate to keep things balanced. Spectators are welcome to watch.