Re-Volt I/O Event Archive - All's Fair VI (Day 2)

All's Fair VI (Day 2)

Date: 28-04-2019 14:00

Host: [no data]

Host 2: [no data]

Category: tourney

Mode: race

Class: other

Other Class: All's Fair VI (Day 2)

Class Link:

Stream: [no data]

vod: [no data]

Results: [no data]

Required Packs: [no data]

Test Course 5 (warmup)
MK Luigi's Mansion
Biohazard Factory RM
Klashers Trippple 8
User-Limp Bizkit
Garage 2
Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 2
Red Rock Valley R (warmup)
Ye Olde Fun Shoppe
Attack of the Lasers!
Toy World Aquatica
Quake RM
Ludicrum Disco
Moon Dawn RM
Display Cases
Spa-Volt 2

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