Re-Volt I/O Event Archive - Normal Advanced Races

Normal Advanced Races

Date: 15-11-2019 19:00

Host: Whitedoom

Host 2: [no data]

Category: unofficial

Mode: race

Class: other

Other Class: Normal Advanced Cars

Class Link:

Stream: [no data]

vod: [no data]

Results: [no data]

Required Packs: [no data]

Go Play Outside!
Ground n Smash 2 M
Spa-Volt 2
Donut Plains 3 RM
Museum 1 RM
Supermarket 1 R
Splash Mountains
Toys in the Hood EX R
MKDD Wario Coloseum M
Rooftops M
Red Rock Valley RM
Toy World 2 R
Ghost Town 2 RM
Grisville RM
Spa-Volt 2 R
Sunset Hills
Museum 1 M
Green Night
Venice R
Moon Dawn R
Broken Sunlight M
Sakura R
Palm Marsh R
Supermarket 2 RM
Green Night RM
Penny Racers Caves M
Toytanic 2
Temple of the Burning Darkness R

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