Re-Volt I/O Event Archive - Normal Semi-Pro

Normal Semi-Pro

Date: 01-03-2020 20:15

Host: Whitedoom

Host 2: [no data]

Category: other

Mode: race

Class: other

Other Class: Normal Semi-Pro

Class Link:

Stream: [no data]

vod: [no data]

Results: [no data]

Required Packs: [no data]

Toys in the hood Ex M (4 laps)
Metro-Volt (4 laps)
Sakura RM (4 laps)
Red Rock Valley R (4 laps)
Rooftops R (4 laps)
Toy World Mayhem M (4 laps)
The Gorge M (4 laps)
Lunar (4 laps)
Toysoldierz M (4 laps)
Toy World 2 RM (4 laps)
The Felling Yard RM (4 laps)
Swan Street RM (4 laps)
Toys in the Hood 1 (4 laps)
Snowy River RM (4 laps)
Rv Temple M (3 laps)
Rooftop Chase: Redux (4 laps)
Green Night R (4 laps)
Grisville R (4 laps)
Molten Caverns R (3 laps)
Toys in the Hood Ex R (4 laps)

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