Re-Volt I/O Event Archive - Get Bulli'd Elimination

Get Bulli'd Elimination

Date: 06-04-2020 18:00

Host: Shara

Host 2: [no data]

Category: unofficial

Mode: race

Class: other

Other Class: Get Bulli'd Elimination

Class Link:

Stream: [no data]

vod: [no data]

Results: [no data]

Required Packs: [no data]

Random Tracks

i will be hosting a Get Bulli'd Elimination session on Monday, 6 April at 18 UTC.

this session is similar to a traditional per-race elimination mode, with a twist.

it is like Elimination mode combined with Cops&Robbers.


everyone starts by using Ceyx.

any Ceyx player who gets eliminated must change to Battaglia.

Battaglia players no longer "count" in the race. Ceyx players will race as usual, but,

the job of Battaglia players is to cause as much chaos as possible to disrupt Ceyx racers.

to disrupt Ceyx players, Battaglia players can block others, drive in opposite direction, push racers, slowing down to use pickups, and so on. to put in into Cops&Robbers analogy, Battaglia is the 'cops' whose jobs is to disrupt Ceyx being the 'robbers'. both sides can do whatever they please to win and survive ☢️


here's how the cycle works:

^ the host, Shara, will start with Battaglia. the host will immediately cause chaos from the start

in short, all start as Robber(Ceyx), anyone eliminated becomes Cop(Battaglia)


we will race on stock and I/O main tracks,

in randomized selection with no track repeats,

for 4 laps in Arcade mode with pickups on.

due to the nature of elimination mode, late joiners are not allowed to partake in Ceyx races.

late joiners can still join as Battaglia to cause havoc.



I/O main tracks: