Properties Editor: Object

The Re-Volt Panel of the Object section is pinned to the top.

NCP Properties

Ignore Collision: If enabled, the object won't be exported to .ncp.

Instance Properties

Instance Properties

Is Instance: If enabled, the object will be exported to .fin. If a .prm file with the name of the object doesn't yet exist, it will also be exported to .prm.

Model Color: Additional or subtractive RGB color. Default is (0.5, 0.5, 0.5). Setting this to 1.0 erases the existing vertex color, 0.5 leaves it where it is and anything closer to 0 darkens the instance.

EnvColor: Environment map color and intensity (alpha).

Hide: Hides the instances (only collision).

Don't show in Mirror Mode: The instance won't be shown if the level is played in mirror mode.

Is affected by Light: In-game lights affect the instance.

No Camera Collision: The camera will clip through the instance.

No Object Collision: The instance won't collide with cars and other moving objects.

Priority: If set to anything other than 0, the instance cannot be turned off using the video options.

LoD Bias: Unused.

Mirror Properties

Is Mirror Plane: If enabled, the object will be exported to .rim.

Hull Properties

These properties can be changed manually, however, it is encouraged to create hulls and spheres using the operators in the tools panel or via the Add menu.

Is Convex Hull: If enabled, the object will be exported as a convex hull.

Is Interior Sphere: If enabled, the object will be exported as an interior sphere.